Relax, New York Met fans: Ace pitcher Matt Harvey is all set to pitch opening day after a mysterious non-baseball ailment was reported on Monday.

Harvey had a blood clot in his bladder which he said was caused by not using the restroom as frequently as he should have.

Via Rubin:

"It started with a bladder infection and it created a blood clot in the bladder," Harvey said Tuesday morning after returning to camp. "I passed it yesterday. It wasn't a great first day [after] my 27th birthday. But we cleared that. And then we had a little procedure done this morning just to go in and check the bladder and everything was clear."

Harvey says he was initially worried about something more being wrong but said he is OK now and relieved to be done with the situation.

The Mets need Harvey to be OK this season in their quest to get back to the World Series. The Mets open Sunday night at the Royals.


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