Pittsburgh Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin says stud-center Maurkice Pouncey hasn't been ruled out of Super Bowl XLV despite a jacked-up ankle.  I don't see anyway Pouncey makes an impact for the Steelers on Sunday.

Mike Tomlin says that Maurkice Pouncey hasn't been ruled out of the Super Bowl.  Tomlin also says that the Steelers have been very aggressive with the Pouncey's treatments.


Pouncey was injured in the AFC Championship Game when Bryan Thomas of the Jets landed on the back of his leg.  Pouncey wasn't able to put any weight on his injured ankle, and didn't practice at all last week because of his high ankle sprain.

There are reports that Pouncey actually has a broken bone and possible ligament damage also.  Whether that's true or not, Pouncey's injury was ugly.  He hasn't been able to put pressure on his leg, and he'd have to go up against  Green Bay's BJ Raji, who is a 337-pound beast.   In short, it ain't happenin'.

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