I don't know which is worse, Knicks GM Donnie Walsh not being totally on board with Carmelo to NY or Knicks owner James Dolan having to step in to finally orchestrate the trade?

That's the word out of NY today.  Apparently, The Knicks owner pushed Walsh aside and made the Melo deal a reality. It looks like Dolan had some outside help - Isiah Thomas - yes, that Isiah Thomas.

Let me just say this was a trade the Knicks had to make. 'Melo gives them 2 bonafide superstars. And to win an NBA title, you need to follow the NBA rule of Sinkativity - you need one Hall of Famer and two All-stars to make that happen. I don't care what the Knicks had to give up to get Carmelo.  Galinari, Felton, Mozgov and Chandler's "potential" upside is far less of a sure thing than Anthony's actual value. Not only that, but the Knicks were just 2 games over 500 with those guys.

Back to the Dolan/Walsh saga.  It's becoming increasingly clear that Dolan doesn't fully trust Walsh - why else would he take over and have Walsh sit on the sidelines for the past few days of talks?

It's a shame because Donnie Walsh is one of the good guys in the NBA. He took an irrelevant Knicks team and made them relevant in a short amount of time even though he didn't land LeBron James.  But there's probably no way Walsh will be back as Knicks GM next season. Dolan likely will not pick up the 4th year option on his contract before the April 30th deadline.

Remember it was James Dolan, and not Donnie Walsh that landed the Carmelo trade. And that might have sealed Walsh's fate.

Great news Knicks fans - you got Carmelo Anthony. But here's the bad news - Isiah Thomas (and not Donnie Walsh) could be your G.M. next season.