One of my favorite things is when video surfaces of a person talking smack about someone unknowingly to the person they're talking about. It's rare but it does happen and one perfect example of this is this TMZ video of Melvin Gordon enjoying himself as his Uber driver proceeds to tell him how the Ravens will beat the Chargers soundly.

Gordon and the driver are clearly engaged in a good-natured ribbing and no one is getting angry. So this is great! The driver takes shots at Chargers' QB Phillip Rivers, saying he hopes that Rivers gets up after the Ravens defense knocks him down. Gordon tries to get the driver to talk about him. The best part is this driver is so smart he points out he has to talk smack to all these incoming Chargers fans before he knows who his passenger is. When Gordon tells the driver who he is, the guy has the guts to get an autograph.

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