The Mets have been trying to figure out a way to get Yoenis Cespedes back in free agency. Cespedes helped ignite the Mets offense down the stretch last year and helped the Mets advance all the way to the World Series.

He's been reportedly looking for a huge multi-year deal that would bring him as many years as possible. Justin Upton just got six from the Tigers for comparison.

Cespedes reportedly would like to stay in New York but the Mets are not looking to go beyond three years for the slugger. The rival Nationals have offered a five-year deal reportedly and have ignited the Mets to come up with more creative offers:

This kind of deal would be perfect for both teams. If Cespedes out-performs his deal in year one, then he can test free agency again and look for a more lucrative deal. If he plays badly, he just opts back in and gets his money for years two and three, but the Mets aren't financially burdened for years to come.

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