Hall of Fame wide receiver Michael Irvin gave some serious man love to Buffalo Bills running back CJ Spiller on Thursday night.

Michael Irvin took man love to the next level following a 19-14 win by the Buffalo Bills over the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.  A simple handshake with a bro hug and back tap is child’s play to Michael Irvin.  The Hall of Famer planted three kisses on CJ Spiller.

This scene is great.  Michael Irvin is a very passionate guy.  He was simply showing CJ Spiller some love in his own way.  Michael Irvin might show love in different ways than others, but there was nothing demeaning about this gesture.  Spiller had a huge smile on his face after the embrace.  He appreciated Irvin showing him some love in a unique way.

I was actually at the game to see my Dolphins screw up the game at the end.  I drove from Albany to Buffalo to see Ryan Tannehill throw two interceptions in the final two minutes of the game (one to Jairus Byrd, one to Bryan Scott).  I actually walked over and saw the NFL Network crew interviewing CJ Spiller.  I didn’t see the triple kiss until now though. 

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