Let's face it - wearing a baseball hat is cool - sometimes it's even trendy.   Unless of course you're wearing the Toronto Blue Jays cap.

That hat is uglier than Snookie without make-up.  It's awful.  What happened to the Blue Jays old hat?  The old-school classic look with the bird and the Maple Leaf in the background - that was cool.

Instead they went for an angry cartoony looking blue jay with its head sticking randomly out of a "J" or is it a "T"?  I have a fundamental problem with not being able to figure out the appropriate logo on a hat.  That's called horrible marketing.


As for the best hat in the MLB (my Baltimore Orioles excluded), I'm going with the Washington Nationals.

I just like that throwback Washington Senators look.   The classic “W” in script.  Looks great.  It's a throwback hat without trying to be throwback.  In other words, it's just really cool without trying to look really cool.

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