Willie Randolph is a baseball legend that fans of both New York teams still hold near and dear. A six time all star, former Silver Slug award winner, and two time World Series champion with the Yankees, Randolph is held in the highest regard among everyone in the baseball community. So much so that the Yankee's honored him with a plaque in their famed Monument Park at Yankee Stadium.

And that won't be the last honor Willie Randolph receives. This weekend he'll be honored with an induction into the New York State Baseball Hall of Fame. As mentioned, Randolph is tied closely to New York. After playing for the Yankees from 1976-1988, he finished up his career in a Mets uniform. From there he joined the Yankees coaching staff where he won four more World Series titles. Randolph would soon cross town to manage the Mets, where he had them within one game of the World Series in 2006.

Randolph was kind enough to join Big Board Sports in the days leading up to his induction to talk about how different winning a World Series is as a player opposed to a coach, what player now reminds him of himself, and if he knew how rampant steroids really were when he was playing.