You definitely don't see this every day.  Check out this MMA fighter literally knock himself out. 


Dan Lariviere is the name of the MMA fighter who accidentally knocks himself out in this video.  Lariviere was fighting Jeremie Capony in an Empire Fight League bout.  Lariviere attempted a flying switch-kick, but only connected with the canvas.     

Lariviere landed so awkwardly on his right arm and shoulder, he actually knocked himself out.  That's just flat-out embarrassing.  Can you imagine explaining the fight to one of your friends or family members who didn't see it?  "Yeah, I got knocked out.  No, I didn't get punched.  No, I didn't get kicked.  I, ahh, missed on a flying switch-kick, landed awkwardly, and knocked MYSELF out."  Not good.

And by the way, Jeremie Capony should be embarrassed about celebrating his victory like he actually did something noteworthy.  He didn't do anything except watch his opponent knock himself out.  This wasn't exactly Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson or something.  Settle down on the celebration when you don't do anything worth celebrating.

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