Each Monday at 4pm Levack and I recap the weekend  in a segment called "Monday Mirages". Does it having lasting power, or is it just a one week mirage? This week we hit the first week post All Star Break in Major League Baseball. The Yankees started their second half of the season with a matchup against their rival Boston Red Sox. Is the split series considered an overall victory for the New York Yankees. The Yankees are closing in on this year's trade deadline. Are the Bronx Bombers the team most desperate to make a trade before the end of the month? Roger Federer won a record 19th career grand slam in tennis. Is he the greatest tennis player of all time? Plus the newest season of Game of Thrones debuted. Did episode one live up to the hype?What's real and what is just a mirage?  Find out below from this week's edition of Monday Mirages

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