Sure, the players change. The positions in the standings change. The years change. But it doesn't matter.

I still hate these days.

The days that I, the exiled-to-the-Northeast Mariners fan have to watch my team host the Yankees.

I don't hate the Yankees. I hate the way that they play the Mariners. Tough. Always.

Mariners could be on an eight-game win streak and 15 over .500, won't seem to matter. I promise at least two Mark Teixeira homers in this three-game series. He seems to have a funny way of doing that in Seattle.

It's only fitting that Michael Pineda get the ball tonight for the Yanks. A former Mariner returns back home to stick it to the team that cultivated his talents before trading him.

And then, it's only fitting that tomorrow morning. And Wednesday morning. And Thursday morning...I'll have to avoid Levack so as not be reminded of it all.

And the worst part about the games being in Seattle? I get to stay up until 1 a.m. to watch it all unfold. Maybe the Yankee fans will miss it?

I can only hope.


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