There was a ridiculous error in the NBA Dunk Contest that emphasized one ugly truth about the judging.

It's not as much about the dunks, as it is who's doing the dunking.  It's all name recognition.  Serge Ibaka performed the greatest free-throw line dunk in NBA & ABA Slam Dunk history, and get a score of 45.  That's awful.

Serge actually jumped from the free throw line, not a foot in front of it like Michael Jordan or Dr. J did.  He did a better dunk than two Hall of Famers and only got a 45?  Horrible.

Serge Ibaka is 6'10".  He's a couple of inches taller than Jordan (6'6") and Julius Erving (6'7").  Blake Griffin is the same height as Ibaka (6'10").  If Blake Griffin did the same dunk, there is absolutely no way he would have receiver a lower score than 50.  He would've had a perfect score.  Why?  Name recognition.  It matters more than the dunks that are executed.