Mets second baseman Neil Walker is about the only member of the team hitting right now. He's posted a near .500 on-base percentage over the past few weeks and has carried the offense, even as the rest of the team has slumped to 4.0 back in the wild card race, entering play on Thursday.

Walker will now leave the Mets as soon as first child is born. Paternity leave can be taken for up to three games and Walker will go to Pittsburgh to be with his wife.

What do we think about this? As men, we all understand the desire to witness the birth of our children and we all understand being there for your wife. But fans also could be upset to see Walker leave the team at such a pivotal point in the season.

To get perspective on that, we brought in Alan Hahn of "Hahn and Humpty." We also talked to Hahn about the Jets and the Yankees.