It is now time to add one more item to the list of "Things Longer Than Kim Kardashian's Marriage to Kris Humphires." After 103 days, the New England Patriots have officially cut ties with defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

This move comes as expected, yet surprising all at the same time. Haynesworth was acquired in a late-July trade with the Washington Redskins and was hoping to ressurect his floundering career in New England.

However, the poor on-field performance of the 6-foot-6 former Pro Bowler came to a head last weekend during the Patriots-Giants game. After getting overpowered by Giants guard David Diehl on a 10-yard touchdown run by Brandon Jacobs with 9:10 remaining in the quarter, Haynesworth did not see the field the rest of the game.

Coach Bill Belichick said Haynesworth's absence after the play was not due to injury, indicating it was "rotation related." Haynesworth also reportedly had words with Patriots assistant coach Pepper Johnson on the sideline after the Jacobs touchdown. Belichick would not comment on the report. "Whatever we talk about as a team, during the game or in meetings, all that, is between the players and coaches," said Belichick.

The sudden end for Haynesworth is reminiscent of the Patriots’ decision last year to trade Randy Moss. The difference, of course, is that Moss had great success in New England before wearing out his welcome. Haynesworth has been nothing but a disappointment for the Patriots.