There are only a handful of things that will make all men squirm; watching a player getting hit in the family jewels is one of them. 

New Orleans Saints right tackle Zach Strief experienced a different kind of pain on Monday night.  Strief took a direct shot to the man region during the Saints 28-13 win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football.  With about 2:34 remaining in the 3rd quarter, Strief took a Kurt Coleman helmet straight to the jewels.  Ouch.

Watching this play instantly makes men squirm.  If you’re a guy who has ever experienced the instant-stomach-ache pain associated with a groin shot, you understand.  It’s a different kind of pain that leaves your stomach and your man domain in knots. 

I wrote an article on two weeks ago about the gruesome injury that South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore suffered against Tennessee.  Believe it or not, watching the injury that Zach Strief suffered on Monday night actually makes men squirm around in a similar fashion as it does watching the Lattimore injury.  Granted, Lattimore’s injury is much worse and much nastier.  I’m just illustrating how empathic men get when another male takes a shot in the man zone.  It’s actually on a comparable level to Lattimore’s injury.

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