Who knew that strip clubs had TVs in them? I guess my attention was always elsewhere, but Rick's Cabaret in New York does and they will no longer feature the New York Giants.Rick's Cabaret is a three-story strip club that finds airing the Giants games to be too depressing. The 0-5 Giants have been a huge turnoff and have been effecting business. Who would have guessed two months ago that Giants fans at an NYC strip club would be requesting to turn off the Giants games? Crazy.

As a long-time, die-hard Giants fan, I feel that we have been rightfully spoiled by the Giants. This great ride we have been on could not last forever. Not that I feel it's over just yet but we can't be too broken up over the recent poor play. It's still good to not be an Eagles fan, right?

I feel at some point, the Giants will focus on having fun and strip clubs will proudly feature the New York Giants again.


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