The New York Yankees swept the Philadelphia Phillies this week in a two game series. Those wins helped the New York Mets, who are ahead of the Phillies by 3.5 games, thanks in part to their neighbors in the Bronx. The Mets have a chance to return the favor, as they host the Buffalo-Toronto Blue Jays for a three game series this weekend.

It's funny how some Yankee fans despise the Mets and vice versa. However, when the Mets can help the Yankees by grounding the Jays or the Bombers can assist the Amazin's by dusting the Phils, well then we are all New Yorkers and let's help each other! Right? Right!

Tonight the Mets did their part to return the favor to Yankees by beating the Jays 3-0. Stony Brook, NY native and former New York Met, Steven Matz pitched well for the Jays, except for a mistake to Pete Alonso but a lot of people do that these days. The Mets young first baseman deposited two home runs in tonight's game. The second one came in the 8th inning. With the Mets leading by 2 and no one on base, the Home Run Derby Champion launched a rocket into the second tier of centerfield at Citi Field. Long and short, it was far. I can't say I've seen to many hit in that section.

Edwin Diaz came in to pitch a perfect 9th inning. The first two hitters scorched a few baseballs but they were right at people. Diaz left the field with his 20th save of the season. Hopefully, all is right again with the young stopper. Concerns about Diaz were growing with the Mets faithful after blowing his last 3 save opportunities. Let's hope that is in the past.

With the Yankees misfortunes, they can use all of the help they can get. Tonight it was the Mets beating the Blue Jays. New York helping New York.

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