John Giannone took a puck to the face and continued working.  This is one of the best tough-guy moments in broadcasting history.

Wow, you have to take your hat off to New York Rangers reporter John Giannone.  He took a puck directly to his face just before the 2nd Intermission on Thursday night.  The New York Rangers eventually beat the New York Islanders 4-1.  Giannone didn’t scamper off like a broadcasting pansy.  He stood there like a boxer in a prize fight as blood was dripping down his face.  This is awesome.

Giannone has officially been welcomed into the tough-guy broadcasting class.  Granted, it’s not the most impressive list in the world.  Who could forget about John Madden working through that game in 2002 with a paper cut?  How about Bob Costas reporting on the Olympics with a slight cough?

Although the list isn’t filled with a who’s who of tough-guy broadcasters, when you keep reporting while blood is dripping into your mouth after you were hit in the face with a puck, you belong on the list.  Very well done, Mr. Giannone.  I wonder if our own Joe Bianchino (co-host of “Cover 2” Sundays at 11am on 104.5 The Team) is going gaga for Giannone.  Joe B is an enormous Henrik Lundqvist fans as witnessed right here.

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