A bill has been introduced into the New York Senate that would prohibit the use of five food additives, all of which are seen in a number of common snack foods and grocery items.

The bill, Senate Bill S6055A, was sponsored by Democrat Brian Kavanagh of the 27th Senate District, and currently sits in the Agriculture Committee. It would need to be introduced on the floor, and pass through the Senate and Assembly before moving to the Governor, but steady progress in that direction is being made.

Before it gets signed into law, let's break down the five ingredients currently on the chopping block in New York. Have you read these on the back of your food labels, and if you did, did you know how they can impact you and your family?


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Additive 1 of 5 - Brominated Vegetable Oil

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The chemical bromine is added to vegetable oil to enhance the citrus flavors you commonly taste in sodas, like Sun Drop and Mountain Dew.

The chemical can memory loss, tremors, fatigue and more if consumed excessively for long periods of time.

Additive 2 of 5 - Potassium Bromate

Unsplash / mohamed hassouna
Unsplash / mohamed hassouna

Potassium bromate is described both as a strong oxidizing agent, or within the baking world, as a flour improver, as it can cause higher rising and stronger dough for breads.

The chemical has been known to irritate the lungs and caused shortness of breath when consumed excessively.

Additive 3 of 5 - Propylparabens

Unsplash / micheile henderson
Unsplash /
micheile henderson

This chemical is a form of acid that is commonly used as a preservative. You'll often find this preservative used in baked goods, such as tortillas and other breads, in order to keep them fresh longer.

That said, the chemical can act as an endocrine disrupter, according to research, and affects male and female reproductive health.

Additive 4 of 5 - Red Dye 3

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Red dye 3 is arguably the most recognizable of the additives included in this bill. The substance's real name is erythrosine, and it's used as a form of food coloring, but can also be used in printing ink, and in various dental procedures.

When used as food coloring, you can see it in many forms of candies and other snacks, but the chemical has been known to cause cancer in animals, so it's certainly better to steer clear if you find it.

Additive 4 of 5 - Titanium Dioxide

Unsplash / Ben Kim
Unsplash / Ben Kim

Lastly, Titanium Dioxide falls under a similar category as Red Dye No. 3, in that it's used in a number of products as a form of food coloring. Instead of adding color, however, titanium dioxide is used to whiten products, such as sunscreen and paint.

You'll find it in such foods as marshmallows, powdered donuts and more, but experts claim that the chemical may damage DNA and can harm the immune system when consumed excessively.

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