New Yorkers, like many other state residents, don't mind having a drink or two. Everyone has their favorite alcohol that they reach for first, but only one type of booze can officially considered the most popular among New York residents.

A recent study answered that question for us all.

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Study Done By 'Toast' Names New York's Most Popular Type of Alcohol

A story from ABC News10 in Albany shared information from a study done by Toast, a a cloud-based restaurant management software company, that used customer data to deduce which types of alcohol were most popular in each state.

Just how extensive was the research done by Toast for this study? The company reviewed data from a whopping 93,000 U.S. restaurants, all of which use Toast systems to keep track of their customers' bills.

Unsplash / Wil Stewart
Unsplash / Wil Stewart

Based on the data that was received, Toast deduced that New York's most popular type of alcohol is gin, as the alcohol was order 89% more often in New York than in the average state. Gin was also extremely popular in Minnesota (66%) and Massachusetts (59%).

Massachusetts residents also order wine more often than any other state, ordering the beverage 72% more often than the average state.


Here's another observation that came from this study: New Yorkers, on average, are far from the most generous tippers in the country. New York residents tip 18.7% on average, tied for 43rd-highest in the country. Only four states were listed as being less generous than the Empire State.

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