John Sterling may be 84 years old, but you'd never know it based on the way that he reacted to being hit by a foul ball over the weekend.

Sterling was behind the microphone on Saturday evening, calling play-by-play on WFAN (and 104.5 The Team) as the New York Yankees battled the Boston Red Sox. Red Sox infielder Justin Turner sent a foul ball careening toward Sterling in the broadcast booth, and what happened next proved once again why he is a legend within the game of baseball.

How many pitches did Sterling miss after getting plunked by a ball? Zero.

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John Sterling Gets Hit by a Foul Ball, Misses Zero Pitches of Yankees-Red Sox Game

If you were listening to the New York Yankees' radio broadcast on Saturday night, then you heard this moment happen live. Otherwise, you were left scrolling through social media, desperate to find a replay of a moment that seemed too wild to be true.

Finally, video evidence began to circulate on Twitter, proving once again that John Sterling is a legend, and a warrior, for battling through the pain of being plunked by a foul ball during a baseball broadcast.

Here's the moment in-question, courtesy of WFAN:

Here's how it looked on the field:

In true Sterling fashion, the legendary Yankees' voice would return to his play-by-play call in seconds, acting as though nothing was wrong. He made it through the rest of the game, and was back at work the following day.

He did, however, deliver this message to fans of the team before Sunday's game:

His long-time broadcast partner, Suzyn Waldman, also had a bit of fun on Sunday. The duo placed a Band-Aid on top of the foul ball, matching the one that Sterling was wearing on his forehead.

She posted this photo to her Instagram account:

The Yankees are back in action on Tuesday night, when they take on the New York Mets. Hopefully, every foul ball will stay a long way away from the visiting radio broadcast booth, so Yankees' fans don't have to suffer another scare like that.

That said, it seems as though it won't bother John Sterling either way.

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