With the 2023 offseason beginning in just a few days, the NFL is still putting the finishing touches on the previous season of football. One of the final events that had yet to occur, was the annual NFL Players Association's player survey. 1,300 players submitted their "grades" for individual aspects of the player experience with their respective teams: travel, facilities, staff quality and more.

The report cards are then released to the public, and now, we know exactly how players on the New York Giants, Jets and Buffalo Bills felt about their teams coming off of a wild 2022 campaign.

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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Buffalo Bills' players had a lot to like about their team in 2022, and the team's cumulative report card shows as much. The weight room and strength staff both received A+ marks for their efforts this year, with the training staff, locker room and treatment of families all scoring above 90%.

The one real knock against Buffalo this season was the travel. Certainly, this may be an area for the organization to improve upon, but the resulting grade may also be circumstantial.

Think about it: the team battled snowstorms and ice-cold temperatures for most of the second half of the season, making travel to anywhere (including their own homes) a nightmare.

New York Giants

New York Giants v Minnesota Vikings
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The upstart New York Giants' franchise is next, and almost unilaterally, the team could be described by the term pretty good. The treatment of families, nutrition, weight room, training room and locker room ALL received grades in the "B" range in 2022.

The training staff was given the highest mark possible (an A+) for their efforts this year helping the Giants remain fit and on-the-field, while the team's travel pedigree also received a grade above a 90%.

Overall, the operation clicked at a high level for New York this past season. Did their MetLife brethren fare the same?

New York Jets

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks
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Across the hallway at MetLife Stadium, things weren't quite as peachy-keen with the New York Jets. Gang Green had three major categories score in the "C" range this season: treatment of families, nutrition, and the training room area.

There are loose connections between all of these aspects of the player experience, which makes me wonder if the Jets will look to re-evaluate parts of their training operation heading into next season.

The other five areas of concern all scored in the "B" range for the New York Jets. So, while the play on-the-field took a huge step in the right direction in 2022, the behind-the-scenes operation is due to take a step of their own.

New England Patriots (Close Enough)

Cincinnati Bengals v New England Patriots
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I included the New England Patriots on this list, as well. I'm aware that New England does not play in New York, but there are two reasons why they're included anyway. One: our listening audience is made up of a percentage of Pats' fans, and two: the Patriots are worth the attention because they really struggled behind-the-scenes this season, if we are to believe the players.

New England received a "D" for their weight room, a C- for their training room, a C+ for their locker room, and a D+ for their travel arrangements. Aside from travel, the other three categories relate back to one location: Gillette Stadium.

Will Robert Kraft consider multiple small-scale, or one large-scale, improvement for 2023 and beyond? Only time will tell.

A few highlights from the list, while we have a moment:

  • Things aren't all-smiles in Kansas City: they finished four "D" grades, and an "F" for travel.
  • The Minnesota Vikings swept the board with A's. Apparently, you couldn't grade your defensive coordinator on this survey.
  • Arizona got FIVE "F" grades on their report card this season. Yikes!
  • The Commanders, unsurprisingly, got four "F" grades of their own. No kidding!

Wow, I feel like I'm back in high school again. Hopefully, your team's report card was good enough to hang on the refrigerator door!

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