As the NFL meetings get underway in Orlando this week, the new rules are proposed and voted upon. The newest proposal, which would penalize players for dunking the ball through the goalposts after a touchdown in form of celebration, was passed, and now has been put in place.

Known with the euphemism as


the “Jimmy Graham Rule,” this move became increasingly popular with tightends recently. Tony Gonzalez, who was notorious for this, along with Vernon Davis and Jimmy Graham, make up the super athletic tightends that preferred to show off their basketball skills while celebrating a touchdown.

A big reason for the push of this rule was because during a game last year between the Saints and Falcons, Graham dunked on the goalpost, and threw it off balance and had tilted it, causing a delay in the game.

On the “Dan Patrick Show,” NFL Vice President of officiating Dean Blandino said that the rule had passed, and would now draw a penalty. There were no specifics on the length of yardage on the penalty.

Recently retiree Tony Gonzalez went to twitter Tuesday to criticize the NFL. He said, “The NFL says no more dunking over the goalpost. This one I don’t understand. Looks like I got out just in time.”

It’s safe to say Graham hasn't had the off-season he was expecting. After being franchised by his team (again) as a Tight End, he stated that because he lined up as a Wide Receiver on a majority of his snaps, that he should be tagged as a WR, therefore paid more. He also went to twitter today, to critique the rule change just as Gonzalez did. However, he later deleted the tweet.