The Jets are in the AFC Championship for the 2nd straight year - and they don't mind telling you about it.

But I don't mind.  In fact, I sort of love it!

Trash talking in the NFL is okay with me.

It makes the game more interesting.  It turns a run-of-the-mill November game into a Super Bowl-like atmosphere. I love it when a team shows their emotion.  It makes them human (Bart Scott/Rex Ryan). I’m sick of robotic soundbytes (Coughlin/Mangini).  Plus, NFL trash talking makes for great sink or swim topics!!   I’ve got 4 hours to fill - I’d go bonkers if I had to listen to Bill Belichick press conferences all week.



This is football – it’s not badminton. If 50 NFL players were interviewed and asked what Shuttlecock was….you would not want to know their answer. This is one of the most violent sports we play. Emotions are going to run wild on the field. I’m sorry but have you ever been on the field of an NFL game. It’s crazy, it’s violent, it’s just not humane.   It takes a special dude to be an NFL player.  They’re just wired differently.

Don’t tell me about trash talking not being good for your kids. I’m sorry but I’m not looking at Antonio Cromartie as a guide for being a good father. It’s called parenting skills.  You should be a role model for your kids – not Bart Scott.



Trash talking doesn't really impact the game - so stop thinking it does!  Once you step between the lines, the talent takes over. What a player says before the game is likely forgotten once that first whistle blows.

There’s actually more trash talking in the NBA than in the NFL – by far! Larry Bird was the biggest trash talker ever.  So was Michael Jordan. I think it motivates more than it hurts. There’s some gamesmanship to it.

If you can back it up, why not? I’m not saying I would do it but – I’ve got no issues with it.

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