After a "weather-out" on Monday for Opening Day, the New York Yankees open up their season today at 1:05 against the Houston Astros.

The game, played at Yankee Stadium, can be heard right here on 104.5 The Team.

The Yanks are going up against reigning Cy Young Winner and LHP Dallas Keuchel, so manager Joe Girardi counters with this lineup:

My thoughts? I'm amazed that Brett Gardner isn't in the lineup on Opening Day. After the retirement of Derek Jeter, he's the guy that I identify with the Yankees. I get Keuchel is a dominant lefty, and I love the versatility that Aaron Hicks provides as a switch-hitter, but it's still surprising. It goes to show just how big Jacoby Ellsbury is this year. They need him to start proving he's the guy who they gave a seven-year deal to.

All in all, I love the versatility of the lineup as a whole. Hicks, Teixeira, Beltran and Headley are all switch-hitters that make the Yanks a matchup nightmare today.

Butttttt, remember that Keuchel is very good....