According to the Atlantic Coast Conference, Notre Dame has been accepted as a new member and will be a part of the league in all sports but football, in which the Fighting Irish will play five ACC teams each year without actually being a part of the league.

The move is a smart one for Notre Dame, who will be capitalizing on their clout in college football to remain an independent while moving to a better league in the most marketable college sport outside of football: college basketball.

Consider the fact that Pittsburgh and Syracuse are also moving to the ACC to join traditional powerhouses Duke and North Carolina, and the move is a great one from a basketball perspective.

The only unfortunate part of this move to me is the move costing women's basketball a chance to play Connecticut, the greatest program in the history of women's college basketball, on a regular basis. While the move benefits the school in men's hoops, that is certainly a downside to the decision.

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