If you follow baseball you know what's up with these New York Yankees. They are down their captain, down in the series to the Detriot Tigers, down to pleading for a simple hit, and if you are Alex Rodriguez, trying to get down while your team is getting humiliated.

Let's start with the tough task of trying to beat the Detroit Tigers tonight, down 0-2 in the series and the Tigers have their ace on the mound and the current AL Cy Young and regining MVP Justin Verlander.

All Verlander has done so far in the playoffs is go 2-0 with an ERA of 0.54. Add in the loss of Derek Jeter, one of only three or four Yanks to hit the baseball with any kind of authority. The Yanks have scored four runs in this series, all in one inning off of the hapless Jose Valverde. They didn't hit against the Orioles either. In seven playoff games the Yanks have scored 20 runs, but nine of those have come in two innings leaving eleven runs scored over the other five games. Their lineup has put up so many zeroes it makes the national debt look manageable.

Yankee haters are having a field day. Got the best call in a year on the radio show yesterday (Game on with Bruce Jacobs, 3-7 p.m. on 1045 The Team, ESPN Radio). The caller was enjoying the demise and humiliation so much he tried to make the case that Derek Jeter was selfish and that steroid cheat Alex Rodriguez was a better post season performer then Jeter. It was a great battle as he rattled off useless stats and I argued  common sense and what everyone's eyes see and of intangibles as well as his useless and slanted stats. Great stuff.

Now speaking of A-Rod, according to reports, he was so embarrassed by his benching during game one of this series and his riding the pine during the Orioles series, that after getting pulled from game one of the Tigers series he spent the next 30-40 minutes trying to pick up two women sitting in the prime time seats Saturday night.

The only thing that broke Rodriguez's priorities was the injury to Jeter. According to the report steroid cheat and useless Rodriguez was so distraught over getting yanked for a pinch hitter he was trying to get some sex from two babes. What a fraud this clown is. I can't wait till spring training when the excuses come flowing from this joke. There is nothing to embrace about this guy. NOTHING! His team can't hit and he is trying to get a hit in a very different manner.

But this isn't all. It seems Tigers rookie outfielder Quintin Berry got some shots in on Yankee fans, claiming the Bronx is "an easy place to play."  Berry continued "coming from Oakland where the fans were very rowdy it is easier to come here and play." Many did take notice how many empty seats there were and have been during the playoff games against the Orioles and now the Tigers.

The question now, besides all the distractions, is can the Yanks even get the series back to a half empty stadium for a possible game six let alone a game seven? Tonight against Verlander we find out if the Yanks have the same toughness as the slump ridden Rodriguez has for the ladies even while his team is getting beat and humiliated!

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