I don't even know if its worth noting anymore... another day, another amazing Odell Beckham Jr. catch. Check out this catch that Beckham made last night against the Dolphins:

Another thing that makes this catch so special? It went for a TD. The body control that he displays is unbelievable. The referee instantly called him out of bounds while Beckham instantly said he was in.

Beckham caught another TD in the Giants win, giving him 12 touchdowns for the season. He now has 24 touchdowns in 25 career games.

For my money, Beckham is the most electrifying receiver in all of football. Antonio Brown and Julio Jones are great, as are Alshon Jefferey and Brandon Marshall, but if I'm an opposing fan, I don't want to see Beckham lining up across from my team. Despite the disappointment of the season, Beckham is a huge reason why I still see the Giants as a threat in the NFC playoffs if they can get in.


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