The Ohio State football team wasn't shy about dancing in front of ESPN cameras recently.  Check out the impressive job that an Ohio State coach does here also.

Sean Branick is an Ohio State defensive line intern.  He's the guy that is shaking his groove thing in this video.  The man did a heck of a job.  I couldn't have been the only one who thought, "Oh, boy.  Here comes the token white guy that can barely move to save his life."  Just as I had that thought, Sean Branick busted out some impressive moves.  Sign this guy up as a background dancer at least.

ESPN has been doing an All-Access special on Ohio State this week.  It's incredibly ironic to me that people will criticize teams like the Seattle Seahawks for doing practical jokes and having fun, yet say absolutely nothing about a program like Ohio State who basically does the same thing.  Pete Carroll will get criticized for tweeting, but Ohio State won't get criticized for doing the Dougie.  The Pittsburgh Steelers won't get criticized for making a "Call Me Maybe" video

Success earns you the benefit of the doubt.  The Ohio State Buckeyes and Pittsburgh Steelers have enjoyed great success.  The Seattle Seahawks haven't.  That's why fans will make a big deal out of the practical jokes and Twitter habits of Pete Carroll, yet say nothing when the Buckeyes bust out the Dougie and the Steelers make a parody video. 

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