Following the Jets 28-21 victory @ New England, there was one Patriots player who was less than impressed with the way the Jets handled themselves.

Deion Branch said:

"I'm just frustrated. The embarrassing part came from a few classless guys [on the Jets] after the game," he said. "There were a lot of classless things that went on after the game ended.Didn't you see it? You've got to go back and watch it," he said. "Pretty classless stuff.”

Branch added that Jets players taunted the home crowd after the game, with some even giving fans the finger.


Jets linebackers Bryan Thomas reacted to Branch’s statements by saying:

"Oh wow. Oh wow. That's a strong statement. We don't have any classless guys in here. Guys are excited about the win, emotions are high. Guys are excited. I don't know what he meant by that statement."

Although I wouldn’t doubt at all that some of the more brash Jets (Scott, Cromartie) would have done just what Branch described, he came across as bitter and petty by bringing it up just after being dominated on the field.

The Jets have created an identity behind talking trash. Even after the game, Bart Scott still harbored a chip on his shoulders towards those who doubted the team leading up to the game.

"For all, you know, non-believers (who) disrespect us, talk crap about the defense -- like we ain't the third-best defense in the league. All we hear is about their defense. They can't stop a nosebleed, 25th in the league, and we the ones that get disrespected."

Don’t expect the Jets to cut back on any of the bravado that they have displayed over the course of the season.  If anything, expect it to be dialed up to full volume as they prepare for next weekend’s game in Pittsburgh.

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