It appears there may still be some good left in the sports world.

Justin Thomas, golfer on the PGA Tour and one of the best golfers in the world in 2021, has had a great deal of success in his career. Thomas grew up in the game, as his father is a head golf professional at a country club in Kentucky. He's risen up the World Golf Rankings, and also shot up the money list as well, carrying a major sponsorship with Titleist, among others.

He also seems to know a good golfer, and a good person, when he sees one, and he changed a life over the weekend.

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Nope, it's just dusty in here. That's all it is. It's making my eyes water. The dust is. That's all.

This is the kind of story that brings regular people into your sport, and makes them fans for life. Sports are at their best when they embrace the human element of the competition. Earlier in the week, Thomas had organized a practice round between the two, and followed that up with this extremely generous gesture. He handed him a check for an "undisclosed" amount of money, which leads to the reaction you see in the video.

Visacki missed the cut at the Charles Schwab Challenge, which typically means that you don't make any money from it. For a player like him, who may not carry any major sponsors, that could mean you pay for travel and lodging, and don't make a cent back from playing for two days. It's a ruthless sport, and one that can swallow you whole if you're not successful quickly.

Justin Thomas made sure that at least one more semi-pro golfer will be able to continue their chase for their dream. At least for me, I'll be rooting for J.T. and Michael Visacki for a long time.

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