The normally polite and professional Phil Mickelson came out of his shell to rip a MasterCard representative for asking a silly question.

Phil Mickelson is typically a pretty nice dude.  He’s normally classy and doesn’t say a whole lot to ruffle feathers.  If he does say something that offends people (like his stance on not wanting to pay high taxes), he tends to apologize right away.  Like most things in life, there are exceptions to the rule.

Phil Mickelson recently voiced his displeasure with a simple-minded question by a MasterCard representative.  Mickelson was in Bay Hill at the Arnold Palmer Invitational on Thursday.  Appearing on the Golf Channel, Mickelson mentioned that he was asked a “dumbass question.”  The MasterCard rep said, “So Phil, are you looking forward to Augusta?”  Phil didn’t think the pun about The Masters was funny whatsoever.

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