It's going to be a lot harder for Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, to defend newly signed Greg Hardy, and label him as a "leader" of the team after photos of his beaten girlfriend have been released.

The sports blog site Deadspin has released a plethora of documents, and pictures that show Hardy's girlfriend Nicole Holder, beaten and battered. He was convicted by a judge in Charlotte, but the case was thrown out on appeal after Holder didn’t appear in court, following a civil settlement. The charges were expunged from the record this week.The photos were part of evidence that was sealed during his trial.

Hardy was suspended 10 games by the league for violating the league’s personal conduct policy, but through appeals it was shortened to only four games.

This may not look as bad as the video of Ray Rice knocking out his girlfriend, but it is. Greg Hardy has shown that he is a disgusting human, that needs psychiatric help.

The NFL may not be able to go back and suspend him for another period of time, as we saw in the Ray Rice case, but the Cowboys have a duty to protect the shield, and cut him.