The case looks pretty iron clad as of right now, but  how many times have we seen iron clad means nothing. Such is the case as police continue their investigation into the cold blooded murder of Odin Lloyd.

With former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez rotting in jail, and his 2 accomplices also sitting behind bars, cops searched a pond near Hernandez's home for the murder weapon, which is still missing.

Police divers showed up in Bristol, Connecticut and dove into the waters of Pine Lake, hopefully to find the weapon, which is said to be a .45 caliber Glock. While divers searched the pond, other police searched the outskirts of the lake.

In addition to Hernandez, the cops have arrested 2 others who were reportedly with Hernandez the night he is alleged to have gunned down Lloyd over a dispute that may be connected to a previous double murder that Hernandez is a suspect in right now.

1 of those in custody, Carlos Ortiz, is said to have fingered Hernandez as the shooter. Ortiz claims he was told this by the other alleged accomplice, Ernest Wallace.

Extensive searches have not produced a murder weapon. However pictures that were released the end of last week show Hernandez holding a gun in his home. No word if that is the suspected weapon, the Glock, used to kill Lloyd.

Hernandez's lawyers have said the case against the former Patriot is circumstantial. Finding that murder weapon and tying it to Hernandez could be the clincher in proving Hernandez is the killer.