From The Statue of Liberty to Ellis Island and beyond, there are a number of landmarks and monuments in the State of New York that signify the incredible patriotism of the Empire State, and its residents. That is what makes this study, done by the folks at WalletHub, even more surprising.

Their study found data that suggests New York is not one of the most patriotic states in the nation, but instead, one of the least.

Do you believe the data?

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WalletHub Study Finds New York, Other Northeastern States Among Least Patriotic

Let's break down the numbers and see if we can find a reason for New York's apparent lack of patriotism, because if we're honest, this was a huge shock to me. In order to properly survey each of the 50 states, WalletHub evaluated the states based on two key dimensions, “Military Engagement” and “Civic Engagement.”

They examined such details as Average Military Enlistees per 1,000 Civilian Adults, Share of Adults Who Voted in 2020 Presidential Election, Volunteer Hours per Resident and many more.

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Each form of criteria was assigned a "point value", and the points were used to generate a total score to quantify each state's patriotism, which was then used rank the states from 1-50. Shockingly enough, New York finished in 47th place, with the data claiming the state is the fourth-least patriotic in the nation.

That said, both Rhode Island and Massachusetts were ranked directly below New York, at 48th and 49th, respectively. Only Arkansas finished below that trio.

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Here are the rankings of the other states in the geographic vicinity of New York. You know, most of the original 13 colonies:

  • Maine: 5th
  • Vermont: 6th
  • New Hampshire: 10th
  • New Jersey: 40th
  • Connecticut: 41st
  • Pennsylvania: 42nd
  • New York: 47th
  • Rhode Island: 48th
  • Massachusetts: 49th

Well, it looks like we have some work to do to prove the data wrong this Fourth of July!

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