It was only six short months ago, that New York Knicks rookie Kristaps Porzingis was booed while being drafted No.4 overall. Today, he signed his third major endorsement, with the sports drink Body Armor.

"I saw other players drinking it, and so I bought it in the store and really liked it." Other big names that endorse the sports drink include, Kobe Bryant, Klay Thompson, and James Harden. The Latvian also signed deals with  Delta Air Lines and Shifman Mattress.

2015 NBA Draft - Media Availability and Portraits
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"Kris has been on our radar since the draft, and it's a great partnership for us because he really loves the product," Body Armor co-founder and chairman Mike Repole said. "By the time he would have been noticed by the other sports drink companies he would have had to have won two titles and had 10 All-Star appearances."

The company will hit the ground running with the rookies campaign, kicking of a "12 Days of Kristaps" promotion in which consumers will have 12 days to enter a radio-station contest that will allow the winner to meet Porzingis.

The kid is gold. Not even halfway through his rookie year, and has more attention coming his way than some of the NBA's best. "I think I've surprised a lot of people," Porzingis said. "The stereotype of European players is that they take a couple years to adjust to the league. Well, it's been easier for me. I've been preparing for this since I was a kid."

With this rate, Porzingis will be the first non American born U.S President on his 35th Birthday.

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