Flooding in the State of New York has reached catastrophic levels in certain communities. Massive rainfall totals have caused rivers and other bodies of water to overflow, leaving roads and neighborhoods blanketed by inches of water. The damage has become so significant, in fact, that the Biden White House has issued a declaration on the matter.

We have the latest updates on the response to the flooding in New York, and how your community may be impacted.

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President Biden Issues Disaster Declaration for State of New York After Flooding

A news brief released by The White House stated that President of the United States Joe Biden has declared that a disaster exists in the State of New York. With this declaration, federal assistance will be provided to the state in response to mass flooding, which took place from July 9th through the 10th of this year.

Just how bad is the flooding in New York? Take a look at these video clips, posted by NBC News:

When a U.S. President issues a disaster declaration, it opens state entities up to additional funding to help recover from whatever has transpired. In this instance, all state, tribal, and eligible local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations are eligible to receive funding to help repair any damage caused by the storms.

That said, as of July 22nd, only the counties of Clinton, Dutchess, Essex, Hamilton, Ontario, Orange, Putnam, and Rockland are currently eligible. That is subject to change.

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As mentioned in an article by The Washington Post, [t]he damage was the worst the [Hudson Valley] region has seen from flooding since Hurricane Ida two years ago, if not since Hurricane Irene killed dozens in 2011. The damage done to the Hudson Valley area, as well as communities in Vermont, has been significant and widespread.

Luckily, New Yorkers will have additional resources available as our local communities begin to rebuild and recover.

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