R.A. Dickey has arguably the fastest knuckleball in the Majors, but he’s working on something new.

Journeyman right-hander, R.A. Dickey signed before the 2010 season with the Mets and proceeded to have career highs in Starts (26), Wins (11), Innings Pitched (174.1) and ERA (2.84).  With the fact that Johan Santana will be out until mid-season looming over the Mets, Dickey is going to have to assume a larger role in the staff.


With that being said, he is working on something new.   To compliment his harder knuckleball and his fastball, Dickey is working on a super slow knuckleball.  Mets’ prospect, Zach Lutz commented after facing Dickey in batting practice, said:

"We were talking a little bit afterward…He's trying to work in a real slow one, like a 50 mph knuckleball. We saw it. It just gets you thinking. He throws one that's real hard, then this one that's slow, and spot up with fastball. It's a constant battle, and you see why he's so successful."

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