The New York Rangers traded long-time winger Mats Zuccarello to the Dallas Stars this weekend. In return, they got a second- and third-round pick - maybe.

This is one of the most conditional trades I can remember seeing. The second-round pick in 2019 could be a first-round pick if the Stars win two rounds in the playoffs this year and Zucs plays in at least half of those games. The 2020 third-round pick could also be a first-round pick if he decides to resign with the Stars this offseason.  Zuccarello is apparently worth somewhere between two first-rounders and a second- and a third-rounder. I guess we Rangers fans need to start rooting for the Stars.

By now you may have seen that Zuccarello was shipped off to Dallas very early Sunday morning and arrived in town in time to play in their Sunday game in Chicago versus the Blackhawks. He was his usual impressive self in the green and white, with a goal and assist in the game before blocking a shot and leaving the game with a broken arm that will have him out for about a month, as reported by the New York Post and others.

Let's hope he returns in time to help them make a run in the playoffs. And hey, Mats, do us all a solid and re-sign with Dallas this summer. Believe me, we need all the help we can get over here.

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