How would you like to be Dale Sveum. Published reports have him as the front runner for both the managerial jobs of the Redsox and the Cubs so let's roll with that and believe that's true. Which job do you take if you are Sveum? For me the decision is easy-a no brainer. Both cities are wonderful. Both have great,passionate fans. Both play in historic parks although I personally think Wrigley is superior. Both places offer so much. Great culture,great food,great lifestyle etc. However my decision would be based on 2 primary factors and neither have anything to do with the histroic collapse of the Sox last year. heck if that were the case then the Cubs  would scare me off as the kings of the collapse.

No my choice is based on 2 factors. 1-The National League is a better brand of baseball. Managers actually have to manage not sit there and order pizza for the players and plan their vacations. The AL is an EASY league to manage in.Just sit back,enjoy the game and stay out of the way.In the NL you actually have to manage pitch by pitch-move by move. However my 2nd reason rings deeper to me- The Sox have won in the short past so it's still special but not epic if they win again. However can you imagine being the guy who leqds the Cubs to their 1st chapionship since 1908. Oh my goodness you go down right with Michael Jordan,Stan Mikita,Gayle Sayers and other greats in sports lore.. Win with the Redsox and nice job. Win with the Cubs and you are a GOD. It's about the challenge frankly and the challenge of leading the Cubs would be  too great for me to pass up. So Dale Sveum if indeed you have this wonderful choice to make go for the gusto and the thought that if you get the Cubs a ring you will go down in history not just be another in a long line. The Cubs job would be my choice.