It was reported today by CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein that the UAlbany Great Danes will play the Kentucky Wildcats in men’s basketball this season. It makes sense. New Head Coach, Dwayne Killings, has strong ties to John Calipari and the Wildcat coaching staff. It appears that UAlbany’s first time head coach is trying to make a statement. He has high expectations for his program starting now.

Who would blame the rookie head coach in the midst of replacing a 20 year veteran coach that had 5 trips to the NCAA tournament, if he wanted to add a few cupcakes to the non-conference schedule? No one but that’s not Coach Killings.

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Dwayne Killings’ mantra is “mentality.” He believes in helping players develop the abilities to achieve their goals. He wants them to believe in the hard work it takes to achieve those goals. He wants them to believe in each other. If they think that coach is trying to schedule easier games to make his own record look better, will they believe in Coach Killings? Probably not.

When Coach Killings was hired, alumni and donors asked him to play some non-conference games against big name competition. That request appears to have been granted.

Dwayne Killings was on the Drive with Charlie and Dan on Wednesday. He is truly excited about his coaching staff, his players and his 7 new recruits. Currently, the coach is hopping from city to city, recruiting not only players but fans to his new program. Coach Killings is hoping that his time investments with the fans will pay off in ticket purchases.

Even though it would be a home game, the Great Danes vs. the Kentucky Wildcats is certainly something to look forward to and you’ll be able to listen to every UAlbany Great Danes men’s basketball game right here on 104.5 The Team.

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