On Sunday, the Jets stunned Pittsburgh Steelers 20-13 to snap an eight-game losing streak, avoiding the first nine-game skid in team history.

In the stands and around the the stadium, MetLife turned into Heinz Field 2.0. In the start of the game the crowd was overwhelming with terrible towels waving in the air; as the trademark chant J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS was an undertone to the black & gold yelling "here we go Steelers - here we go".

After the Steelers missed a 23 yard field goal to start the 4th quarter the scene changed. Steeler fans were depleted after finding their team down 20-3, and their All-Pro quarterback who threw an outstanding 12 touchdowns in the past two games, found himself with 2 interceptions and no touchdowns.

At that point the Jets fans took a deep breath and roared out J-E-T-S JETS-JETS-JETS, as they knew this day was theirs. Coach Rex Ryan had words for his faithful fans after the game calling the Jets fans that were in attendance " real Jets fans".