Ring of Honor Wrestling is a growing promotion. ROH has many pay per views and check your local listings because they're on your TV more than most realize. They've got some pretty entertaining talent in their stable as well. For years fans have always thought their local favorite deserved a shot at the majors. The Majors now is basically reduced to one single massive company we all know, the WWE. Vince McMahon won the Monday Night Wars and took over WCW. So now promotions like Ring of Honor is where fans go to see the next big thing and maybe one of the few remaining places to watch pro wrestling if you can't stand the WWE.

Make no mistake about it though, WWE is the mountain top and rumors are swirling that Colonie's own and long time pro wrestler Bobby Fish and former Q-103 jock Dalton Castle are being scouted by Vince McMahon and the WWE. Who knows how true these rumors are but these guys are great so I wouldn't doubt it. Knowing both of these guys Dalton recently and Fish years ago I'm not shocked they're getting attention. I've always respected them both for doing their own thing and being genuine good guys. So I'm happy for them no matter what happens next because they fun to watch at any level. Good luck gentlemen!!!

Here's the Dalton Castle "The Party Peacock" and Bobby Fish working together before a big match about a year ago. Fish got the victory in this one. No word if they ever ended up having brunch after.

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