Want to get your take on the radio? This is your chance.

You can call in to Rodger's Rant Line at 518-881-1574 and give us your best rant on any sports story of the day. Rodger, Chris, and the team will choose some of the best rants to put on the air, and it could be you.

Think you know what the Yankees should be doing with their lineup? Have a can't miss pick for the Giants in the draft that everyone seems to be missing? Maybe you want to get local and tell us how UAlbany's Great Danes can climb back up to the top of the lacrosse rankings. Maybe you just need to get it off your chest that we were all wrong about something. If you think you've got things figured out, we want to hear about it.

Whatever the topic, you can make your voice heard by calling in to Rodger's Rant Line: 518-881-1574

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