Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez
Getty Images

The performance-enhancement drug problem that has dogged baseball for the last few years could very well rear its ugly head yet again.

A group of as many as 20 players, led by former MVPs Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun, could be suspended for violating Major League Baseball’s PED policy. The suspensions could be handed down shortly after next week’s All-Star Game.

Commissioner Bud Selig is expected to exact tough justice, thanks to Tony Bosch, the founder of the anti-aging clinic Biogenesis, whose “attorneys have met repeatedly with MLB officials over the past month, turning over numerous documents to substantiate his connection to the players named in company documents.”

It’s not clear what Bosch provided and Braun, who has repeatedly denied using PEDs, has refused to answer questions about the clinic. A-Rod, who has admitted to steroid use in the past, has not met with MLB yet, although he is expected to do so soon.

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