Upstate New York has really started to make its mark on the craft beer scene and we have the perfect way to celebrate that fact and the holidays.

It's time to start getting your friends together for Saratoga Beer Week 2020. What better way to spread holiday cheer to your favorite people then making plans together to go to Saratoga Beer Week and the Saratoga Beer Summit?

Beer lovers will love tickets to the Beer Summit on Saturday, February 22 and for those of you looking to get the gluten-free good times rolling Cider night is Friday, February 21. Tickets for both events and VIP access can be purchased HERE.

Think about how easy I just made the holiday season for you! Throw together a few pretzel necklaces and give the gift of GREAT beer and cider. Which of course you'll have to go with your friends because that's simply the right thing to do!

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