Hockey in the morning, hockey in the evening, hockey at supper time. When hockey is on a pond you can eat hockey anytime…or is that pizza? Either way, the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic is coming back with Labatt Blue and I for one am super pumped. On Feb. 6 – 8 2015 it’s the best 4-on-4 round-robin style pond hockey tournament this side of the Mississippi. And if you register early you can save $50 [click here for more information].

I love 3 things in this world and that is delicious beer, hockey and adorable cats. The Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic has 2 out of 3 of them and that ain't half bad. Grab your friends and your skates and start planning for an awesome weekend of Labatt Blue and Blue Light and hockey. It’s going to be like a giant party but on ice.

February may be a few months away, but that gives us plenty of time to form teams of beer-drinking kittens that play hockey. This is unlikely, I know, but a boy can dream, right?

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