Perhaps the matchup most people are looking forward to is the quarterback duel between Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning and Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton. The two have very contrasting quarterback styles with Manning being more of a pocket passer, while Newton is a passer, who has the ability to scramble outside of the pocket and take off and run if need be.

So which team has the advantage at the key position?

This one is nearly too close to call.

Manning gets the nod when it comes to Super Bowl experience. Although he may not have the same ability that he used to, Manning's experience gives him a little bit of an advantage over Newton just for having played in Super Bowl's before. However, Newton get's the advantage in this matchup for his ability.

Carolina Panthers Practice
Credit: Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images Sport

The eventual 2016 MVP, Newton's game is at another level right now. His ability to take over a game is unlike something we've seen before. Newton has had a career year with high's in multiple stat categories including TD's, QBR, and passing yards. But when in a game scenario is where we can really dive into Newton's stats.

When leading, Newton's number's are some of the top in the league. He has a 96.2 QBR with 20 TD's and 6 INT's when his team has the lead. But he's even more dangerous when his team is training. When behind, Newton's completion percentage is 68.4% and a QBR of 113.1 while also rushing for nearly five yards a carry. This is simply something we really have not seen before, so Cam newton gets the edge when it comes to the quarterbacks in Super Bowl 50.

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