Auburn v Mississippi
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Ole Miss Quarterback Chad Kelly has talent, but he also has issues. With his obvious tie to New York, should he be drafted by one of the New York teams? The obvious tie is his Uncle, former Buffalo Bills great, Jim Kelly. Not to mention, the whole number 10 and QB at Ole Miss is thin just like Eli  Manning. He has the arm and the talent to be an NFL QB, but there are those issues. Kelly has had multiple off-the-field fights and was kicked off of Clemson back in 2014 after arguing with coaches during the Spring game.

Let's look at it team-by-team:

Buffalo Bills: The Bills are in need of a Quarterback in my opinion. Tyrod
Taylor is a nice back up, but the team really needs a franchise QB. Following in his Uncle's footsteps, this could either be the structure and the legacy he needs to keep his mind right OR it could be the pressure that breaks him.

New York Jets: Gang green is in desperate need of a signal caller, but not knowing who the next offensive coordinator will be, or if Todd Bowles and Mike McCagnan will be let go, makes this a terrible fit for an young signal caller.

New York Giants: This may shock you, but I honestly believe this is a great fit. A young and talented player that can be mentored by a seasoned vet like Eli Manning? Perfect story to me. If this happens, I would be far more willing to think Kelly could succeed in the NFL.

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