The Siena Saints men's basketball team is preparing for their biggest home game of the season as they host the Monmouth Hawks tonight. Last season, Monmouth was considered a potential NCAA at large team but their bid fell short. This season, Monmouth currently leads the MAAC regular season standings with a 13-2 regular season and an eleven game winning streak. Siena radio broadcaster AJ Kanell joined the show today to preview tonight's match up. Kanell was in the majority of many other media members that believed that Nico Clareth would not be back this season. In surprising fashion, Clareth returned to help the Saints to a win over the Iona Gaels. The MAAC tournament is at the Times Union in less than three weeks. What is the formula Siena needs to follow in order to get to the championship final in March? Kanell answers that plus more in the interview video below.

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